Using our recruitment services can save time and money. We have an existing database of candidates, therefore, we can often fill vacancies within days! If we do not currently have any suitable candidates on register, we can launch an active advertising campaign across the UK and Europe, in order to attract further applicants.

How the recruitment process works

Different companies approach their recruitment process in different ways, which is why we adapt our bespoke service to cater for each client’s individual needs, whilst utilizing our specialist knowledge of the market.

Typically when a company approaches us looking to recruit a new member of staff we discuss the vacancy and candidate requirements in detail. We then search our extensive database of candidates for a suitable match, which in most cases will result in a shortlist of suitable candidates we can present.

From the CV’s we forward to the client, the client may wish to make contact with one or all of the candidates that we have presented. This tends to take the form of an initial telephone interview, after which personal interviews / bench tests can be arranged. These can last from anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on the candidates availability and the client's preferences. After this a job offer may be made or the search for a candidate may continue.

Our candidates come from all over the UK and Europe, in particular from Germany but also from Austria, Italy, Poland, Hungary, etc. Due to the staff shortages in various sectors, recruiting candidates from abroad can open up a whole new pool of potential talent which employers can make use of. We also believe that a multicultural workforce can help to generate new business strategies thus generating a competitive advantage as well as expanding the company’s skill base.

The Recruitment Fee

There will only be a fee due if the introduction of a candidate we have presented does result in a placement. The fee payable for an introduction resulting in an engagement is the amount equal to a set percentage of the remuneration applicable during the first 12 months of the engagement. (Full terms of business available on request).

Please contact us on 01289 385 111 or email info@vkrecruitment.co.uk

If you are looking to recruit a new member of staff, please get in touch.